Delta Force appears on Channel Five’s The Gadget Show.

In the world of television and movies if you require footage or equipment from a paintball centre then time and again Delta Force is the paintball centre of choice for location scouts and movie directors throughout the UK.

That’s why Channel Five’s The Gadget Show recently approached Delta Force to appear on one of their latest episodes. Delta Force provided paintball equipment for the filming, including our full head protection goggles, body armour and combat suits. In addition to this, Delta Force provided an armoury of paintball guns, including our state of the art Inferno markers, replica M16 guns, replica AK47 guns and even a 50 calibre hand pistol.

The Gadget Show has joined an exclusive list of TV shows featuring Delta Force paintball centres. Some of the other TV programs to recently film at some of the Delta Force paintball centres throughout the UK include Law & Order and BBC News.

The episode featuring Delta Force will appear on The Gadget Show over the coming weeks, so be sure to tune in to see why Delta Force is the paintball centre of choice for TV and movie appearances.

Delta Force on the Gadget Show