Celebrate your last days freedom delta force paintball

Positioned low behind the giant back tyre of one of the military vehicles, you see a bright pink flash streak across your line of vision. A paintball, you think, has narrowly missed your head. You look again and see a pink blur moving in the distance, and as your vision clears you realise it's the Stag, his pink tutu and afro wig drawing fire from friends and foe alike. Victory seems all but certain for the Hen; could this be a sign for the future?

Does that sound like an exciting way to kick off your Stag or Hen party? Delta Force have safely entertained thousands of Stag and Hen groups in almost 20 years of operation. Our highly trained and friendly marshals will tailor a day of paintball action to suit your unique needs, ensuring your last few days of freedom will live in your memory forever!

Our trained marshals facilitate the most exciting games for Stag and Hen parties, whether it be ‘Hunt the Stag’, ‘Run the Gauntlet’ or ‘Protect the Hen’, we know how to guarantee a great time playing paintball with Delta Force. And for all of those worried about walking down the aisle covered in bruises, fear not, as Delta Force provide all players with full head protection goggles and body armour to ensure your day of paintball is as safe, comfortable and bruise free.

Stags love the thrill of paintballing for their Stag party because it’s all the fun of the army without the haircut! What better way to kick off your Stag party than with a testosterone-fuelled day of outdoor adventure with all of your best mates? But be warned all Stags and Best Men – you are likely to be the primary target out on the battlefield from friends and foe alike.

To book an adrenaline-filled day of outdoor paintball adventure call the Delta Force Booking Office on 0844 477 5050 and book your desired day, time and location. Celebrate your final days of freedom - enjoy paintballing with Delta Force.