Paintball tactics 10 tips help improve your paintball skills

Regular Delta Force customers and rookie players alike are always on the lookout for all the best paintballing tactics and inside tips. In the past we have covered some basic paintball strategies and teamwork tips in this blog but nothing too in-depth. We’ve recently spoken to some of our paintball marshals, a handful of seasoned professionals and regular customers and asked what advice they would give to help someone improve their paintball skills.

From their expert advice, we have put together a list of the ten paintball tips:

1. Be aware. Don’t get trapped in tunnel vision. Don’t focus your attention on a single spot, even if you think an opponent may be hiding there – a different opponent may be flanking you or you may locate an opponent you wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

2. Keep moving. Standing still or staying in the same spot will get you noticed and the opposing team will be able to manoeuvre around you. Don’t be afraid of advancing to a point where you will be of greater use to your team, staying thirty yards behind the front line will help no one and you probably won’t be within range of the enemy.

3. Learn to keep your enemies heads down. Try shooting first then move while your opponents are behind cover to give yourself more time.

4. Play it cool. Pause when you get to a new position and don’t give yourself away immediately. Take a moment to survey the game zone from your new angle, determine if any opponents are within range or if there is a better position you can get to.

5. Learn how to be stealthy. Although rushing the enemy team and using aggressive tactics may work well in some game zones, learning how to blend in with your surroundings, using diversionary tactics and moving quietly can be the best angle of approach in other games.

6. Communicate with your teammates. Communication with your teammates is vital especially when executing offensive manoeuvres and you will have more success as a team than as an individual. Paintball is a team sport after all.

7. Stay with your team. Running off and doing your own thing in a wild bid to win the game may seem like the heroic thing to do when in fact it is anything but. Lone targets are much easier to manoeuvre around and take out, if you stick with your team then you will have a lot more options.

8. Constantly survey your surroundings. While moving around the game zone you should be making a mental map of the area and make note of where the enemy are, where they might move to, what the best course of action for you and your team might be and where would be the best point to retreat to. Staying one step ahead of the enemy is the key to winning paintball games.

9. Use the element of surprise. There are many ways to use the element of surprise in paintball games. One popular method is to appear from behind one part of the cover and pop off a couple of shots, duck down and move to another part. Your opponents will be focusing their attention on where you used to be so you can pop up from your new position and hit them.

10. Keep it simple. It may seem like a good idea to show off and incorporate all kinds of Hollywood inspired dives and flips but you will only look stupid when these get you taken out of the game.


A few people we spoke to gave another tip that will help the 18yrs+ players (don’t worry, it’s not dirty!) – Learn how to use paintballing grenades. Well-placed smoke grenades can make it very difficult for your opponents to see you, flashbangs can keep the enemy’s heads down long enough for you to execute an offensive manoeuvre and use the element of surprise against them and paint grenades can take out multiple enemies. Due to health and safety restrictions, pyrotechnics are only available to players over the age of 18 at Delta Force Paintball centres.

Hopefully these tips will help improve your paintball skills and give you a new level of enjoyment to the sport. If you are looking for any more tips and tricks to help improve your game then there are all kinds of useful articles in our blog or if you have any questions then feel free to browse our FAQ’s.

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