Why you should go paintballing for a team building experience

If being assembled in the cold conference room with a stack of cards and a few board games is considered teambuilding then we’ve got other ideas! In fact, we're confident that there's no better way to raise morale and encourage your team to bond than a team building day at your local Delta Force Paintball Centre. Here are just a few reasons why a day of paintballing is perfect for corporate entertainment:

Frustrated office workers

Paintball gets your team working together

Despite sitting in the same office for years, some of your employees may not even know each other at all. That guy with the moustache and comb over from IT might be the life and soul of the party given half the chance! So if your people are used to being separated into departments or tucked away in tiny booths, then nothing will bring them together more than the opportunity to shoot each other, repeatedly. With a bit of luck your team will lead the charge to victory and be crowned the winning team. That's a figure of speech by the way, we don't actually give away crowns... sadly.

Paintball helps settle those office conflicts once and for all!

No amount of free bagels and 'Friday fun' will quell office politics forever. Businesses hire people from different backgrounds with very different personalities and interests - so clashes are almost always inevitable. Don't wait for trouble to build up the next time the stationary cupboard audit is due. Book an action packed paintball day and let your team settle their differences with M16 rifle upgrades at your local Delta Force Paintball Centre. There really is nothing like shooting Carol from accounts in the backside to make up for stealing your stapler.

Get your own stapler Carol!

Paintball boosts morale

If your team is lacking enthusiasm recently, we can help bring your workforce back to life with a full day of paintball action. A full day includes at least 12 games across multiple paintball game zones involving attack, defence and objective based scenarios. The game zones really are Hollywood quality, with props and vehicles lifted direct from the sets of big budget movies such as The Edge of Tomorrow and the James Bon series. This level of live action realism means that paintball isn't just fun, it also promotes communication, teamwork and the drive to win ― important factors to the success of any organisation.

Paintball improves communication

You might wonder how peppering each other with paintballs will help your colleagues reach deadlines, but if a lack of communication is the problem, nothing will break the ice quicker than discussing paintball tactics in the heat of battle! These skills will instantly transfer back to the workplace, minus the paintballs, obviously.

Another great thing about paintball is its ability to level the playing field, no matter what your status is. Whether you are the director of the company or the office temp, you're all equals in the game zones so don't be afraid to order your boss on a suicide mission into the enemy compound!

What are you waiting for?

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