Paintball Marshal Positions Available at Delta Force Paintball

Have you ever wanted the thrill of working at a paintball centre? At Delta Force we are currently hiring paintball marshals, and we want you to be a part of our fun-loving paintball team! Working as a paintball marshal is a fun and exciting job opportunity – you have the freedom of casual or fulltime work, and the opportunity to work as an integral part of a large and efficient team. At Delta Force, our paintball marshals love working in the outdoors and interacting with happy paintball players, and the freedom of casual work makes marshalling the perfect job for university students and weekend workers. If you work well in a team, are enthusiastic about interacting on a personal level with paintball players and have a dedicated approach to your work then why not work as a Delta Force Paintball marshal?

Ben, one of our Senior Marshals at our South West London paintball centre, has been an integral part of the Delta Force team for almost 3 years:

“I joined Delta Force Paintball when I was 16 as a Junior Marshal to earn some extra cash during the summer holidays, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked my way up to Senior Marshal now, and one day soon I’ll have my own Delta Force paintballing centre to run. Working as a marshal is a great job – we work hard and we play hard! I’ve become an avid paintball fan and paintball player, and I compete in professional tournaments throughout the year. Come and join our exciting team of marshals - you’ll have a great time, earn some good money and gain some invaluable experience in the working world.”

If you are exciting about the prospect of becoming a member of the Delta Force Paintball marshalling team then complete the online application. We have 30 National Paintball Centres throughout the UK so there is always a Delta Force paintballing centre near you!