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Game zones

The most wanted man in the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, and his nefarious band of pirates have arrived into port aboard the legendary Black Pearl seeking plunder and pleasure. This may be the last chance you and your men have got to bring the wanted pirate to justice and there’s only one way to stop The Black Pearl from leaving port – by blowing a hole on the waterline of it's starboard hull using dynamite. You must act fast and stop at nothing.

Dark, gloomy and dangerous.  These three words typify the elements that you will be facing as you aim to eliminate the enemy.  Find cover behind tombstones and anything else that will provide you with safety.  Your timing and aim will need to be impeccable as you pick off the enemy one-by-one.  Your mission is to eliminate the enemy and proceed through the graveyard.

Set in 1942, the Soviet and German forces face a showdown in the ultimate battle of possession of Stalingrad. The German forces must navigate through a heavily guarded village, with only three key bridges providing access to the soviet occupied bunker. Teamwork is key in this game, so organise your commando unit to provide cover as you make a coordinated attack towards the heavily protected Soviet bunker, avoiding guarded trenches and dodging fortified barricades along the way.

Your mission is to cross the border into enemy land, capture their General and bring him to your base for questioning. In your way stands a border post, and it’s more heavily defended than you were expecting. You’ll need to make a plan and execute it with precision – do you go around it, or straight through it? Time is limited and you’re going to be under a lot of pressure. Make a mistake now and you could lose a lot of good men. 


Visit the following page for a full description of the A Bridge Too Far game zone. Read below for the story behind this awesome game zone.

Counter-terrorist forces have arrived at the scene and the plane has remained grounded. Armoured Personnel Carriers and expertly trained counter-terrorist operatives surround the plane but the hijackers and an unknown number of hostages remain onboard. No demands have been made as of yet but orders have just come in from the top – you must storm the aircraft immediately and free the hostages before it’s too late.

On a makeshift airstrip hidden deep in the heart of the Colombian jungle stands the evil drug lord, Pablo Escobar. He and his crew are loading their deadly cargo onto a single engine plane with intent for black market distribution throughout the USA and western Europe. Months of surveillance have finally paid off and now is your only chance to capture the CIA’s, FBI's and DEA's most wanted man and bring him to justice.

Delta Force Paintball can come to your premises and provide a bespoke paintball event exclusively for you.  If like Roger Taylor (Queen drummer, and client of Delta Force) you have a massive private forest – it’s so easy!  If not, then a field will be fine, and we’ll bring our inflatable ‘Supair’ game zone.  We'll also supply marshals, and all the necessary paintballing equipment.