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Over many years the Nobility have ruled their kingdom with an iron fist from the safety of their fortified castle. In their crusade to overthrow the oppressive regime, the outlaw community has banded together to become a force to be reckoned with. Will the King’s army be able to withstand the carefully planned attack from the lower classes to seize control of the castle?

Modelled on a British Forces training facility, Operation Desert Storm recreates the most realistic modern-day Middle Eastern warzone. A convoy of six armour-plated vehicles carrying the President has been ambushed midway between the hotel and the heavily guarded embassy. Your task is to escort the President to the embassy but the local rebels have another idea. Battle your way through narrow streets and sniper vantage points to deliver the President safely.

Years of guerrilla warfare and civil unrest against the corrupt and oppressive government have left the city scarred and it’s people unruly. In an effort to control the rebel forces, the tyrannical government has hired private military contractors to build a wall through the city; separating the wealthy and privileged from the poor and oppressed. Your mission is to unite a once divided populous under one banner, attack the wall and claim back the city for the people.

An abandoned Myan temple hidden in the Jungle is home to a long-forgotten tribe who are protective of their culture and highly valuable (goods) A team of greedy archaeologists have discovered the temple and are determined to gain possession of their priceless artefacts.

They have their sights set on 4 key artefacts and sell them off to the highest bidder. You must band together with your tribesmen and women to defend your temple from the archeologists who pose a threat to your culture. Your tribe know the area best and must defend all entrances to the Temple at all costs.

Local tribal leaders have controlled the same small african village for many years and have taken it upon themselves to occupy the best huts in the village. These huts have prime access to the supply of food, weapons and equipment and the tribal leaders have helped themselves for many years, leaving the local villagers angry.

Tread carefully as you navigate your way through the creepy, abandoned warzone. Zombies have taken control of the area, and your team needs to regain possession of the central bunker that controls the surrounding woodland in order to expel the zombies from the land and restore civilisation. Players must be fast on their feet, as to stay for too long taking cover behind the scattered snatch landrovers may draw attention from the opposition and result in you falling foul of a zombie attack!

Global oil production hit it’s peak around twenty years ago and a war for oil is about to grip the post-industrial world. You lead your band of battle-hardened mercenaries through the dying remains of a once proud forest and come across a heavily guarded fuel depot. Your objective is to eliminate everyone that stands in your path and gain control of the depot, the only problem being that your enemy has the exact same idea…

In a battle of old verses new, who will win? The Ancient Egyptians called upon their Gods for strength during times of adversity, the modern day Generals used their vast technology and modern-day weapons to achieve victory. Passing through the Stargate will transport you between millenniums – your mission is to gain supremacy over the two worlds and seize control of the Stargate. Only the most ferocious will be victorious.