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Game zones

"It’s a trap!" From planet to planet Imperial forces are crushing any civilisation that doesn’t bend under their iron grip, and now have the Rebel Army in their sights. The only way the Rebels can prevent their homes from being destroyed is by seizing control of the enemy flags and gaining access to the blast doors, battling ground troops and imposing ‘scout walkers’ along the way. This forest battle holds the key to winning the war, victory here will send the evil Empire into disarray.

On a remote island, word is spreading that a new breed of Dinosaur has been created by a megalomaniac park owner. His team of park rangers are trained to keep this existence of the dinosaur a secret until an army of mutated dinosaurs has been created.

Your commando unit has been assigned a top-secret mission; to trek deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle and locate an ancient pyramid, hidden from human eyes for hundreds of years. It is said that a sacred amulet lies deep within the catacombs of the pyramid, an amulet imbued with remarkable powers that in the wrong hands could cause unimaginable destruction. Evil forces are converging on the pyramid and will stop at nothing to take the amulet.

As you and your unit move through the jungle, deep into hostile territory, you hear an explosion overhead – an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed. Miraculously, the pilot has survived and has activated his distress signal. Your mission is to move your unit quickly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured pilot and escort him to safety before the enemy take him in for 'questioning'.

The Dark Crypt is rumoured to be the home of the Zombies; dangerous, undead corpses that haunt the nearby graveyard. While the Holy Book is upon the Dark Crypt’s high altar, the Zombies ravage the area and attack anyone on sight. Your mission is to take the Holy Book from the Dark Crypt’s high altar and escort it to the Zombies’ spawning point to bring peace to the area once again. Be warned, the Zombies will stop at nothing to kill you.

You have been selected by the State Department to protect the American President on his tour of the UK. After a top-secret meeting with the heads of state, your team is escorting the president to his vehicle when you suddenly come under attack. Communications are down so you retreat into a nearby woodland and take cover inside an old bus. Will you put your life on the line and protect the president until reinforcements arrive? The world is counting on you.

A long forgotten stash of gold bullion has been found in an abandoned village in the old West. Hoards of miners have been making their way to the Wild West village in the hope of uncovering the unclaimed fortune. Unrest and violence is spreading, and is concentrated in the main streets of the village. Can the local constabulary return peace to the Wild West village, or will the miners succeed in their uprising and take control?

This is the ultimate domination style game zone where each team must use strategic defence tactics to hold off the impeding attack from the opposition. Themed on WWII style bunkers, each team is required to hold key objectives and vantage points with the team holding the most buildings at the end of the game emerging as victorious. Top Tips:  the use of smoke grenades will help either team to advance and secure key bunkers under the cover of a wall of thick smoke.