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Original James Bond props at Delta Force Paintball!

Remember the awesome opening sequence of the 1997 James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ starring Pierce Brosnan – the one where Bond is rampaging around an Eastern European arms bazaar, blowing-up everything in sight? Yeah, it was a while ago – but we’ve all got the DVD collection right!

Marshals ride Chinese Long March Scud Rocket

Delta Force Paintball has purchased several of the props from that sequence – including 3 Soviet era military trucks and … the centre-piece of that set, the Chinese Long March Scud Rocket on it’s fiendish-looking motorized launch platform.

Soviet truck from 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

These historic props are available to let for film/product launch purposes, but in the meantime players at Delta Force are free to rampage all over them.

When we say Delta Force Paintball has movie-set quality game zones – we’re not kidding :-).

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