More new game zones at Delta Force Paintball in Hemel Hempstead!

Paintball with Delta Force in Hemel Hempstead is now even more exciting than ever before. The recent arrival of a genuine Scud missile featured in the 007 movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ was well received by paintball enthusiasts, and now paintballers are celebrating the recent development of two new game scenarios down at the Hemel Hempstead centre.

Paintball players can now embark on a day of paintball action with Delta Force on game scenarios that feature Viet Cong village huts, a full scale replica Black Hawk helicopter, an Afghan army base, and a brand new giant galleon boat and massive two-storey fortress known as Castle Wallenberg.

The new castle and Black Hawk helicopter are just a few additions to the Delta Force centre in Hemel Hempstead - come down and experience the latest additions to the Delta Force movie set and see why Delta Force is recognised as the industry leader in paintball games.