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Get in the zone

Many have asked us over the years what’s the best thing about working for Delta Force and the answer has always been a very easy one. No, it’s not the office parties (we do our utmost best to stick to our “don’t mix paint and alcohol” policy). And no, it’s not even the countless opportunities to meet celebrities (some of whom turned out to be surprisingly inept with a paintball gun) when they stop by for a game at one of our centres.

No, the thing we enjoy the most at Delta Force is coming up with new game zones.

It’s no easy feat, coming up with a truly immersive combat scenario. It’s not just a case of sticking random props in the woods – a lot of research and logistics go into realising each and every arena. You may have even noticed some of our zones follow a historical theme (WWII Bunker Buster, Berlin Wall, Viet Cong Village), while some are inspired by mainstream cinema (Zombie’s Crypt, The Black Pearl) and others by videogames (Castle Wallenberg, Tomb Raider). The rest of the time we just make the most of the environment surrounding the site, as in the case of Hilltop Attack. We always do our very best to keep you, our faithful players, truly thrilled with our range of game zones by keeping them fresh and inventive.

But this got us thinking... what is your favourite Delta Force combat scenario and why? Even better, what kind of game zone would you come up with, if you were given the chance? The person who provides the best and most inventive comment will win a prize, namely a day out at their closest Delta Force centre!

So what are you waiting for? Hit us with what you got!





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