Delta Force Paintball orders 20 Black Hawk helicopters

Delta Force Paintball has placed an order for 20 new Black Hawk helicopters. The helicopters are FULL SIZE scale models, complete and accurate in every detail, but formed in indestructible fibreglass/resin. The cabin of each helicopter can accommodate up to 15 players; the choppers feature integrated theatrical smoke machines and sound effects (engine noise, radio traffic, and gunfire).

These replica helicopters make for fantastic props in our game zones, and are used primarily in our Black Hawk Down mission scenario. In this popular game, you and your teammates will find yourselves scrambling to rescue the downed pilot before the enemy team gets to him first! Careful planning and teamwork is required to ensure a successful outcome.

The £100,000 plus investment in new props for our game zones reflects Delta Force’s ongoing commitment to bringing the very best in paintball games to the UK leisure market.