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Delta Force Paintball Manchester – can you defuse the missile?

Delta Force Paintball Manchester is one of the most popular paintball centres in north west England. It offers a fantastic selection of movie-set quality paintball game zones to enjoy, including the brand new game, Defuse the Missile!

The task you're presented with is this: Chechnyan rebels have hijacked the launch codes of two operational nuclear missiles with the intention of using them against the UK and USA to cause worldwide conflict. The UN is panicking, international relations are beginning to break down and the media can't be protected from the alarming truth for much longer. Nevertheless, Russian Intelligence has found the briefcase holding the vital codes deep within the Caucasus Mountains in Chechnya in a densely wooded place swarming with rebels carrying weapons. It's down to the elite Russian Spetsnaz to attack the nationalist headquarters, take control of the codes and disarm the missiles in time! Think you've got what it takes?




In addition to this exciting new game scenario, our Manchester paintball centre also features the Command Post game zone which incorporates a heavily guarded military bunker; A Bridge Too Far where allied forces have sent several paratroopers into the Netherlands; Chemical Alley where players need to take over a heavily safeguarded fuel depot; Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack set in a deep and dark rainforest; Viet Cong Village where lots of hostile villagers lurk and The Haunted Graveyard which features a seemingly deserted graveyard with creepy looking tombstones for players to hide behind! There's a great selection of thrilling game zones for everyone to enjoy at Delta Force Paintball Manchester!

All players are fully kitted out with our state-of-the-art safety gear and equipment, from our full head goggles and combat suits with padded neck collars, to our first class semi-automatic paintball machine guns which are properly looked after and well maintained. You can relax knowing that your safety is the utmost importance to us and our five star rating for outstanding health and safety standards (awarded by the UK Paintball Association) reflects this.


Available safety gear at Manchester paintballing centre


For more information about Delta Force Paintball Manchester or to book your paintballing event with us, please call 0844 477 5115 and speak to a member of the team who will be happy to help you book a day of paintball in Manchester.

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