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Delta Force Paintball Devon: Watch out for the Terminator!

Delta Force Paintball Devon: Watch out for the Terminator!

Searching the web for 'Paintball Devon'? Then keep reading! Delta Force Paintball Devon offers paintball lovers in Plymouth the ultimate paintball experience; offering customers (over the age of 10) state-of-the-art game zones and firs-class facilities at basecamp.

Our Plymouth Paintball Centre is based in the old stannary town of Plympton. And, surrounded by lots of diverse woodland, the venue makes a beautiful setting for a day of outdoor paintball! The centre features 3 exciting paintball game zones to explore, including: 'Castle Wallenberg' which includes a giant two-storey wooden fortress, 'Chemical Alley' where you are tasked with seizing control of a heavily guarded fuel depot and 'Viet Cong Village' where you'll come face-to-face with lots of hostile villagers.

Paintball game zones in Devon

But, they're not the only threat you'll have to mindful of, out on the battlefield… You may find yourself coming face-to-face with the Delta Force Terminator! Armed with his two deadly BT4 combat paintball markers, the Terminator is known to wonder the woods, looking for a worthy challenger! He can appear in any game, without prior warning – so you'll have to keep your wits about you! If the Terminator decides he wants to fight you, he'll raise his guns and point them in your direction. Should you wish to face him in battle, all you need to do is open fire! But, if you don't want to fight him, you'll have to try and ignore him, and hope that finds someone else to take on!

Delta Force Paintball Devon provides each guest with top quality safety paintball equipment. From Full head protection helmets with goggles and body armour, to semi-automatic paintball guns and paintballs! All of our equipment is carefully looked after and well maintained to ensure reliability and longevity. Delta Force Paintball puts the utmost importance on your safety and wellbeing; even being awarded 5 stars by the UK Paintball Association (UKPBA) for outstanding health and safety measures. So, you can relax in the knowledge that we will take care of you while you are with us.


If you'd like to book a day of paintball at Delta Force Paintball Devon, or to just find out more about our centre, call 0844 477 5115*

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