Ministry of Paintball Scam – Governing Body Issues Warning

The UKPBA has been inundated with complaints from members of the public about Ministry of Paintball, its misleading advertising, poor value product and appalling lack of customer service. In the UKPBA’s 20 years of operation they have received numerous complaints about Ministry of Paintball, most of which alleging that their tickets are extremely misleading and represent very poor value for money.

Ministry of Paintball falsely implies that it owns and operates the paintball centres that it promotes. The UKPBA has, however, established that it in fact does not own these facilities and it is merely an agency – a middle man in the booking process. If you have purchased tickets from Ministry of Paintball and are dissatisfied with your purchase then the UKPBA can assist you in obtaining a refund - click here to email them with your request for assistance.

The UKPBA has also discovered that Ministry of Paintball has wrongly claimed to have been awarded the title ‘Best Paintball Company’ by FHM magazine, a claim it knows to be false. The UKPBA wrote to FHM to check up on the validity of this award and the editor telephoned to say that Ministry of Paintball’s claim was “complete rubbish”. Click here to hear what he had to say about the matter.

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