Paintball 101: The Art of Retreat

Paintball is an extremely tactical sport and if you and your team want to acheive victory then you'll need to employ a variety of tactics throughout the course of a paintball game in order to do so. However, during the heat of battle when you’re at the frontline, pinned down under enemy fire the number of tricks at your disposal is drastically reduced. One underrated tactic to use in this situation, which unfortunately has a reputation as being the coward’s way out among some paintballers, is to retreat back to a better position. There are many benefits to executing a tactical retreat during a game so here are a few tips on how to do so.

Player pinned behind hut

Always have a back up plan.
Before the start of the game and during the game itself you and your team should always be working on your strategy. In paintball, it’s always important to have a game plan but it’s equally important to have a back up plan just in case things go wrong. As you and your team are moving through the game zone, be sure to take mental notes on strategically important bunkers that you can fall back to if need be. Also, make sure your team are aware of your plans if you do plan to retreat so they can provide you with covering fire.

Know when to retreat.
Simply taking fire in a paintball game is not a reason to retreat. However, if you’re receiving heavy fire and you’re not sure what to do then you should consider all other options and tactical ploys before making the decision to retreat.

Pick your moment.
In a situation where retreat is necessary, you have to pick your moment carefully before you run. Wait for a lull in enemy fire, or get your team to create a lull for you by hitting them with a barrage of covering fire, and don’t hesitate to move or the moment could be gone.

Make the most of the situation.
If you or one of your teammates has to execute a tactical retreat in a game, use it to your advantage. A retreat might momentarily draw the enemy’s focus so use this opportunity to your advantage – pop off some well-aimed shots or get your team further up the field.

Two players advance behind armoured vehicle

Retreating during a paintball game isn’t just a way of getting yourself out of trouble. It can alter the pace of a game and even turn the game in your favor if done correctly. If you’ve found this article helpful then be sure to check up on our paintball blog from time to time – we frequently update it with all sorts of interesting and useful paintball related articles.