How to solve your problems with a paintball gun!

Are your paintballing skills a little rusty? Well, a scene Sebastián Lelio’s recent flick ‘Gloria’ might just give you a few tips! It is not every day that you see a middle-aged woman draw a marker on her unsuspecting lover, outside his ex-wife’s home – a very tense showdown to say the least!

 The drama is receiving warm reviews as it travels the festival circuit, with actress Paulina Garcia standing out in particular for her performance as Gloria, going on to pick up the Silver Bear award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival.

A worthy prize considering her perfect aim with a mean-looking semi-automatic marker. This is probably the perfect way to settle an argument, so if you have a score to settle with a mate, head on down to your nearest Delta Force centre and sort it out, pronto!

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