The Golden Rules of Paintball

So you’re looking to get into paintball, or maybe you just need to refresh your memory on paintballing basics; either way, Delta Force Paintball have outlined what we consider are the essential ‘Golden Rules’ of the sport. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to quick eliminations out on the field and even the possibility of being banned, so pay close attention! Of course, whilst it is common knowledge to always keep your goggles on during battle, everyone has their own interpretation of the sport. What would you add to the eight that we have listed?

  • Make sure your goggles are on securely and comfortably
  • Do pay attention to the safety brief at the start of the day.
  • Listen to the centre manager and the marshals at all times.
  • Do take care when out in the game zones.
  • Good team communication is a huge step towards achieving victory.

We’ve also included useful links for you to explore to help you get ahead of the competition, including from our popular ‘Paintball 101' series and some awesome pics. Check it out!

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