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[Question] Which 5 celebrities who would be amazing at paintball?

Choosing your perfect paintball celebrity teammate for a day at your local Delta Force Paintball Centre is a bit like choosing the best footballer in school for PE. You're looking for someone with all the skills for the job – they need to be quick thinking, full of stamina and a little bit sneaky when it comes to surprising the opposition. We've already seen some amazing paintball celebrities at Delta Force before, but this time we've narrowed it down to five celebrities we think have the potential to be amazing at paintball…

paintball celebrity lionel messi

1. Lionel Messi

The Argentinian footballer has recently been branded an 'extra-terrestrial who plays with us humans' for his out of this world ability. His blazing runs and combativeness make him a paintball player the opposition will dread - and considering his short stature he's not going to stick out like a sore thumb either.

Top ability: Lightning speed and quick feet – his opponents will never be able to capture him.

2. Angelina Jolie

As a box office bombshell, Angelina Jolie has been involved in a string of Hollywood hits, including Girl Interrupted, Wanted and Gone in 60 Seconds. If Lara Croft herself can't defeat the opponent, who can? Our Tomb Raider game zone should be a walk in the park.

Top ability: She can handle any weapon and get to where she needs to be without hesitation.

paintball celebrity angelina jolie
paintball celebrity jason statham

3. Jason Statham

Is there anything this man can't do? Most British actors don't do action movies well, but Jason Statham has it all. He might be getting close to his 50s, but that won't stop this 5 ft 10 hero from peppering his opponents with paintballs. Familiar with speed and explosions, our paint grenades and flash bangs will do little to faze him.

Top ability: Incredibly tough, it will take a lot to bring this hero down.

4. Christian Bale

If Batman can’t outsmart his fellow paintball players, then who can? Christian Bale is beyond adaptable, always losing weight and bulking up for his next role. He can handle anything that comes his way and has a good eye for weapons. Firing one of our of M16 upgrade guns should come naturally to him.

Top ability: His adaptability to any surroundings and any situation.

paintball celebrity christian bale
paintball celebrity jodie marsh

5. Jodie Marsh

She may only be 5 ft 2 but Jodie Marsh’s recent involvement in bodybuilding makes her an incredibly strong contender. Whether she’s ducking and diving in our Chemical Alley game zone or storming the opposition in our Siege of Stalingrad scenario, her petite frame yet feisty personality will make her a great teammate.

Top ability: She’s far stronger than she looks – the perfect teammate to be in charge of the extra flash bangs and grenades.

Do you think you could beat these celebrities?

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