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Reasons to choose Delta Force Paintball

The UK's Number 1 for Paintball Sports

10 reasons to choose Delta Force Paintball:


01. Best value paintball prices
02. Movie-set quality game zones
03. Full head protection goggles
04. Body armour
05. State-of-the-art paintball guns
06. Five star rating by the UKPBA
07. Full Public Liability Insurance
08. The celebrities' choice
09. First class safety record
10. Trusted by more than 500,000 players each year

Delta Force Paintball – the trusted paintball provider

Here are some of the key reasons why players of all ages and experience-levels choose Delta Force Paintball for their paintball event.

  • Accessibility.  Delta Force makes the sport of paintball available to absolutely everyone – adults, children (from the age of 10 yrs), men and women, stag and hen parties, birthday parties and groups of friends/colleagues.  By virtue of our constitution we are able to offer substantial discounts to schools, youth organisations and special needs groups.  We also make the sport safe and attractive to both men and women - for example by providing suitable protective equipment free of charge, and rules conducive to (relatively!) pain-free play.  We are an ethnically diverse employer with more than 25 nationalities represented in the ranks of our staff (whatever language you speak, we can usually find a native speaker to translate the rules!).
  • Investment in quality.  All profits are directed back into refurbishing and improving the sports facilities so as to provide participants with the highest possible quality of experience.
  • Sport.  Our paintball events serve as a fantastic introduction for those who haven’t previously participated in the sport.  Before considering starting a paintballing team or signing-up to a tournament or league, visiting a Delta Force Paintball centre can provide the ideal opportunity to test-out equipment, get used to match-rules, practice attack and defence tactics and much more.
  • Game zones.  Only at Delta Force can you fight the enemy in the midst of an intergalactic war, using to-scale Imperial Army structures as cover (the ‘Space Warz’ game zone at the Cobham Paintball Centre), or push back hordes of brain-hungry zombies before you draw your last breath in Dawn of the Dead (most Delta Force paintball centres nationwide). Our game zones never fail to impress!
  • Personnel.  Delta Force’s managers and marshals take groups under their wing and look to encourage players throughout their paintball experience.  Unusually for a paintball operator all our staff are properly remunerated (subject to PAYE tax-deduction) and able to enroll in our Workplace Pension scheme.  The majority of other operators simply pay their staff ‘cash-in-hand’ - quite apart from this being illegal we feel it places both the staff and the players at unacceptable risk (in that diverting takings/understating payroll will invalidate the paintball operator’s insurance).  Delta Force faces considerably higher operating costs in complying with the law, but frankly, we feel our staff and our players are worth it. 
  • Safety.  Delta Force Paintball leads the sport in its safety practices.  We have a 32-person Health & Safety Committee that meets quarterly to review and update our risk assessments and safety practices.  Unusually for a paintball provider, but in line with our sporting-ethos, we strongly discourage close-range shooting and ‘head-shots’.  We also firmly believe that goggles must never (ever/for any reason) be removed in the game zones; we do not subscribe to the practice prevalent at commercial operations of asking players to lay their markers on the ground in the game zones to allow for goggles to be removed for cleaning (we consider this to be extremely unsafe).  Every time a player leaves a Delta Force basecamp (or ‘safe-zone’) to enter the game-zones, a member of staff will inspect/’touch-check’ his/her goggles to ensure they are properly fitted – to our knowledge no other provider of paintball games does this.  All Delta Force Paintball centres are of course covered by a full policy of Public Liability Insurance.   
  • Affordability.  Delta Force Paintball offers premium quality paintball days out at great value prices and is a suitable activity for anyone aged 8 years and up. Being the largest paintball operator in the UK we are also able to customise packages to suit your budget for whatever the occasion you plan to celebrate, this also comes in handy when having to organise particularly large groups. However if you are shopping around, Delta Force endeavours to match any comparable paintball deal.  
  • Equipment.  The latest paintball equipment is available for all players meaning you’ll get to enjoy paintball with friends and family using the best in the paintball industry. Semi-automatic paintball guns, upgrade replica M16 paintball guns, full head protection, body-armour, paint grenades and smoke grenades – we have it all at Delta Force Paintball!
  • The next generation.  Encouraging children to take an interest in active sport is one of our key objectives.  Paintball is a great leveler and whether or not a child has yet experienced success at other sports/is blessed with high levels of sporting aptitude there is every chance he or she will experience the thrill of winning a paintball game (they will participate in 12-14 of them during the day!).  Whether the occasion is a friend’s birthday party or a day-trip with their school, most youngsters enjoy this exhilarating outdoor sport that will hopefully inspire them to take a further interest in sport generally/the great outdoors.  Computer games have their place, but in the battle against childhood obesity/declining levels of physical fitness in children there is nothing quite like rampaging around a forest for 8 hours!

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