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About Delta Force Paintball

Hello Paintball Fans…

“We are Delta Force Paintball, the biggest paintballing operator in the UK. But enough about that for the moment, how about a nice story instead?”

So about 20 years ago on a small, but lively farm in Surrey, England a group of geeky (but super cool) paintball enthusiasts stopped shooting each other long enough to sit down and have a deep and meaningful conversation – we’re talking roaring camp fires, marshmallows, acoustic guitars, the whole lot… it was pretty awesome. The topic of conversation? Paintball of course.

At the time, the paintball scene was dominated by poor quality white van operations with no regard for safety. It was also massively overpriced, making it more convenient for our gang to pool money, rent a quality location and use their own equipment. That particular night though, somewhere between the bad singing and awful guitar playing, someone came up with an idea.

It was an idea so bold that it might just work, and if successful these simple paintball enthusiasts might transform the UK paintball scene for the better; making it safer, affordable and more accessible for anyone that wanted to play.

That was 20 years ago, and today that idea has become a reality.

Some BIG facts about Delta Force Paintball

  • 500,000 Yearly Players
  • 50,000 Facebook Fans
  • 1000+ Employees
  • UKPBA approved 5-star Award for safety
  • Winners of the Scottish Tourist Award
  • Over 30 UK paintball centres
  • Uses props from Hollywood movies
  • Entertains guests as young as 8 years old
  • Fully public liability insured
  • Entertains celebrities and movie stars

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More Info

Delta Force Experience

  • World largest paintball games provider
  • The coolest, movie-set themed game zones
  • Mission scenarios to shock and awe
  • Over 50 prime UK paintball locations
  • Friendly marshalling staff
  • Great value paintball packages for all occasions
  • Highest levels of safety and care
  • 5 star rating from the UK Paintball Association
  • Trusted by over 500,000 players each year
  • Upgrade gun, latest spec assault rifle
  • Number 1 choice for celebrities around the world
  • Fully organised and great value

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