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Delta Force is now taking bookings for mini-paintball events for 8-10 year olds at a number of national paintball centres across the UK! To find out where these unique and exciting events are currently available in the UK click here.

Over the coming months we plan to introduce mini-paintball to more national centres across the UK. During mini paintball events players use smaller guns and smaller paintballs so there is less energy when the ball hits participants (thus meaning a softer impact).

Due to our ongoing efforts to further improve the overall safety of paintball events, Delta Force has been approved by the UKPBA (United Kingdom Paintball Association) to be a provider of low impact or “mini-paintball” events. This exciting activity is an excellent choice for children’s birthday parties, family trips and school outings. Groups of any size are welcome; safety is our first priority and all children are carefully supervised throughout the day by our skilled marshalling staff. Delta Force Paintball has an outstanding safety record and an enviable reputation for organising birthday parties. Call 0203 869 9301* now to book your session or complete the mini paintball enquiry form below.

Delta Force Experience

Delta Force Kit

  • World’s largest paintball games provider
  • 6 action-packed games
  • 300 paintballs included (this is all you need for the entire session)
  • Movie-set quality paintball game zones
  • Full training and supervision throughout the day
  • Top marshals primed for fun
  • Great value packages to suit any occasion
  • Highest levels of safety and care
  • 5 Stars from the UK Paint Ball Association
  • Trusted by over 500,000 players every year
  • Full head protection anti-mist goggle system
  • Full body protection suit - body armour
  • Full neck protection - combat suit
  • Custom designed special-forces combat suit
  • The latest ultra light weight, compact paintball gun


Mini Paintball price


300 paintballs included (this is all you need for the entire session)

£29.99 (1) per person for a half day session of mini paintball

100 Paintballs







per 100 Paintballs

(when bought in bulk)

day itinerary



11:15 - 11:30

Check-in, issue of kit and team organisation

11:30 - 11:45

Safety speech and practice on target range

11:45 - 13:00

Games 1 & 2 – London Apocalypse

Games 3 & 4 – Viet Cong Village

13:00 - 13:30

Lunch break, birthday cake (BYO)

13:30 - 14:00

Games 5 & 6 – Tomb Raider

14:00 - 14:15

Results ceremony



Game Zones

Immediately after the safety brief it’s time for the action to begin. All players will be specifically divided into teams with different coloured armour bands, and the Centre Manager will call upon each team based on these colours. Before players leave the base camp marshals will perform a ‘touch-check’ on the goggles of every player to ensure there is no chance of the goggles becoming dislodged or falling off the player’s head.

Delta Force is the only paintball provider to perform a ‘touch-check’ on every player and this is very likely to be one of the reasons why we have an enviable safety record. The Delta Force goggle-system fully encloses the head, thus meaning that it is impossible for the goggles to slip down or fall off – at Delta Force we take your vision and safety extremely seriously!

Kids Pose On Top Delta Force Military Vehicle

The day ends with a prize giving ceremony where the scores are reviewed and certificates are awarded to the winning team and to the runners-up. For further information please contact a member of our team on 0844 477 5115*.

Mini-Paintball Events at Delta Force

Registration forms are completed by every player on arrival, and parental consent forms must also be completed by players younger than 16 years. Delta Force staff will be on hand to help the children, but parents and/or teachers may find it saves time to download the parental consent forms from this website, and pre-complete them.

Once registration has been completed it’s time to get suited up in mini paintball safety equipment and make sure that everything fits perfectly. As a parent you will not be alone, Delta Force personnel will be on hand to help, however we do strongly advise that 1 or 2 parents remain at the centre whilst the children play.

Delta Force Marshall Giving Safety Brief To Kids

After all players are ready with their equipment the Centre Manager will muster everyone up to the stage for the safety brief. It’s essential that all children pay close attention to the safety speech, as this is where the Centre Manager explains the safety regulations, how to use the equipment and outlines the rules of the game. Marshals will patrol the edge of the audience while the Centre Manager is on stage delivering the safety brief. Delta Force takes safety very seriously with our world class safety record, and as such parents often comment that Delta Force takes safety more seriously than any other paintball provider. All mini-paintball participants will receive a separate safety brief to other standard players – through this we can be certain that young participants receive more personal instructions and are 100% clear on all the safety rules.


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