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Junior paintball events!

While we are sure most of you think paintball is the most awesome sport in the world (why wouldn’t you?), there is a small, sensitive group of people who are intimidated by its competitive nature: parents. And as you can imagine, a lot of children miss out because of their parents’ concern.

But there’s no need to worry! Delta Force is proud to announce it has pulled off the impressive feat of making paintball even safer with the launch of Mini-Paintball, a new junior paintball event tailored specifically for younger players and one that is sure to appeal to their parents!

So how exactly does Mini-Paintball differ from regular paintball? Well, let’s just say it’s all about size and power! Children use smaller guns and smaller paintballs whilst taking part in the games, which means the equipment is easier to handle and impacts are considerably softened when players are hit.

mini paintball days

Other than that, the game does not change from our regular events! Mini-Paintball players are still issued with the same state of the art protective equipment and play in the same cool game zones as our older players – they just won’t be competing against them.

Mini-Paintball is already available at Delta Force centres in Surrey and Birmingham, and will be launching in Cardiff, Leeds and Southampton in early June. Now is a good time to start planning that unforgettable birthday party you had in mind for little Timmy!

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