James bond skyfall fans go crazy paintballing

The latest 007 Bond movie Skyfall is due out in the UK on 26th October and the team at Delta Force Paintball are excited for many reasons. The main one being that when such an iconic movie is released, we see a rise in the number of players who turn up in tuxedos trying to emulate the one and only Mr Bond.

If you look at the graph below you’ll see that whenever there is a rise in interest in 007, there also a rise in interest in paintball.

We have hosted a number of games with hardcore 007 fans in attendance and this is because we were lucky enough to acquire some of the vehicles that were used in the 007 movie – Tomorrow Never Dies. Check out our marshals straddling the scud missile launcher that featured in the movie.

This metal A-lister is features prominently at our north London paintball centre and is often used as a backdrop for groups who take photos to mark their exciting paintball day out.

We were also lucky enough to acquire a convoy of trucks used in Tomorrow Never Dies that are strategically placed in our game zones across our paintball centres in the UK.

We’re working hard to get our hands on new props from the most recent Bond Skyfall movie, so next time you play at Delta Force keep your eyes peeled for any 007 props!