About Delta Force Paintball – over 500,000 players safely entertained each year

Sometimes you want the security of playing with the industry leader – you want to be sure that you and your team mates will be well cared for and come home safe-and-sound and with ‘battle stories’ to tell your grandchildren.

More than half a million people chose to play paintball with Delta Force in 2014.  If a quality service is important to you too, then play safe – play Delta Force.

Some big facts about Delta Force Paintball:

  • Supports the community and aims to make participation in the sport of paintball as widely available as possible.
  • We own more paintball centres in the UK than any other operator.
  • We employ more than 1000 people in the UK (employees registered with HMRC on our PAYE system).
  • We regularly invest money in new equipment and facilities.
  • We buy all our equipment brand new. We sell our old stock, on a rolling basis to other paintball operators.
  • We have a 32-person Health & Safety Committee that meets quarterly.
  • We have a full policy of Public Liability Insurance.
  • Our charity fundraising efforts over the last couple of years have been focused on raising funds to build a school in Malawi (The Delta Palms School). With your help, we hope to make it become a reality this year.

Delta Force Paintball – the safest and smartest choice.

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