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Paintball guns

There's a revolution going on in sport and all the cool kids know about it. Globally, paintball is one of the fastest growing leisure sport activities and players are getting increasingly savvy about which paintball guns give the ultimate in-game advantage.

Delta Force Paintball invests in pro-level paintball guns

Delta Force satisfies hundreds of thousands of players each year who hunger for glory on the paintballing battlefield. We have a dedicated team of specialists in paintball armoury, markers, goggles and safety equipment that are constantly trialling the latest gear to ensure players have the best day out imaginable. 

Behind the scenes at Delta Force Paintball we're constantly working hard to improve the hardware we provide our customers with for use on the battlefield. Guns are constantly tested for accuracy, range and reliability. Delta Force players enjoy a satisfyingly tactile experience, safe in the knowledge that highly trained professionals maintain each weapon to UKPBA standards.

Paintball guns' specs at Delta Force centres 

Paintball guns' technical modifications include a tough custom designed PVC hopper housing up to two hundred rounds of gelatin-encased paintball rounds ready to fire from the barrel at the pull of a trigger. Hoppers are mounted atop sight-rails and paintball rounds are fed by gravity into a high pressure air or Co2 system which pumps out rounds at high velocity.

Gas and air canisters propel paintballs from the barrel at speeds of up to 300ft per second!

Delta Force Paintball guns for serious in-game action

The super-sleek silver Inferno Mark II semi-automatic paintball gun with 300ft sightline capability and serious firepower of up to 7 rounds per second is a top choice for paintball game action.

Most players agree that the Tippmann '98 paintball air gun is a marker that has stood the test of time. The Anti-Chop System modification means that whatever the conditions, your paintballs will fire with greater accuracy giving you higher in-game stability. 

Upgrade options at Delta Force paintball centres nationwide include the M16 Bravo One semi-automatic replica machine gun for players who really want to look the part. Complete with a removable magazine, built-in sight, collapsible stock and authentic 11" inch barrel, this paintball gun gives the perfect advantage of increased accuracy for serious paintballing competitors.

Released in 2012, the unique flip-top styled Tippmann FT-12 is a favourite paintball gun choice for many players. FT-12 models resemble the replica IMI Uzi used by Arnold schwarzenegger in Terminator. With a built-in sight front and back, an 8" inch barrel and superior ergonomic grip, the Tippmann FT-12 is a welcome addition to the collection of paintball guns Delta Force has on offer.

Younger players will be interested in the Mini-Ball Spyder .50 calibre paintball gun. Designed to shoot smaller-sized paintballs at lower speeds compared to the higher calibre weapons. The reduced round weight and decreased velocity means lower overall impact paintball hits. Ideal for younger players, a softer impact paintball round doesn't detract from the excitement and feel of the paintballing experience.

Contact our Delta Force Paintball team on 0844 477 5115 for all your paintball booking requirements.