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What is paintballing?

Have you been invited to a paintball day but not exactly sure what it involves? Considering booking an event for your friends or your child but unsure whether they’ll enjoy it? Fear not, our beginner's guide to paintball should help to put your mind at ease...

Paintball Team

The concept of paintball was first invented in the USA in the early 1980s, when 12 enthusiasts got hold of some forestry paint guns and decided to start shooting each other – all in the name of fun of course. The sport has grown in popularity ever since, and is now one of the world’s most popular outdoor activities.

Put simply, paintball is like an advanced game of dodgeball. Players must shoot each other with gelatine paint pellets from a semi-automatic paintball machine gun while trying to avoid contact from the opposition. Players are commonly split into two equal teams, and must work alongside their teammates to defeat the enemy.

With the majority of paintball games taking place in well covered, wooded areas, a game of paintball is a tactical battle, where teamwork and communication are essential factors in emerging victorious.

Paintball Black Pearl

While the basic concept is always to defeat the opposition, there are sometimes different objectives. For instance, some games may require you to capture a flag, some may require you to seize (or defend) a building and some may require you to ‘assassinate’ (or protect) a VIP. The objective varies from game zone to game zone, making it all the more exciting!

At Delta Force Paintball, all players will have the chance to play in at least four Hollywood-inspired movie-set zones, based on some of the world’s most popular films and iconic locations. Props such as double-decker London buses and Black Hawk helicopters are the norm in our state-of-the-art scenarios!

London Apocalypse Game Zone

Your safety is always at the forefront of our minds, which is why we provide every paintball player with a full body combat suit with padded collar and state-of-the-art US-spec paintball goggles. You will be issued these on arrival along with your paintball gun. Our friendly, experienced paintball marshals will then give everyone a full safety briefing and explain exactly how the day works. Once the formalities are out of the way, the fun can really begin!

Paintball Marshals

The beauty of paintball is that it can be played by anyone, from complete novices to seasoned snipers! Even kids as young as 8 can play at selected centres (with less powerful guns and shorter sessions). Great for bonding with friends, building teams or educating kids, paintball is one of the most inclusive, exhilarating, feel-good activities around!

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