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What to expect on a day of paintball at Delta Force

Your big day is looming, you are nervous with anticipation and you keep thinking about how you’re going to feel at the end of the day when it’s all over. There’s no need to worry, you can only expect the best from a day out at Delta Force Paintball with all aspects of your day looked after from top of the range equipment and facilities to first rate service from all members of staff.

Once arriving at a Delta Force centre, you will be welcomed by a Delta Force member of staff who will help guide you to the next available car park. One you have gathered your troops, it is a short journey to the registration hut where your group can check in and receive any pre paid items you have booked for your big day out. You will also be issued with first class equipment, including full head helmets, which fully encompass the head, as well as full length combat suit and protective body armour.

Upon entering the Base camp, you will be able to set up base on one of the many picnic benches. Lockers are available for hire from the shop to ensure your much needed ammo and belongings are kept safe. Before games begin, all players must receive a comprehensive safety brief outlining what is expected throughout the day and the main safety rules that all players must adhere to. At Delta Force we take safety very seriously to ensure your paintball day out runs smoothly.

safety brief at delta force paintball

Once the formalities are over, it’s time to gather the teams together (you’ll be identified by coloured tape around your arm) and head out to the gun zone where you’ll collect the top of the range Inferno mark II marker. A couple of practise shots on the firing range helps perfect your aim before the battle begins on one of the many exciting game zones. You could find yourself hunting down zombies in order to save the holy book in the Zombies’ Crypt field. Or you may find yourself and your teammates going all out to protect the president on the Terrorist Attack field. Throughout the morning, you will play a total of 3 game zones, with a short break in between to rest and reload your paintballs. Delta Force also supplies free tea and coffee to keep you going, and to ensure those accompanying their troops waiting in the safe zone are kept warm throughout the day.

game zones at delta force

Half way through the day we break for lunch where you can rest and refuel with a hot lunch – Pizzas at most locations which are supplied by well known pizza providers. Our staff work tirelessly to ensure that the centre remains impeccable throughout the day, with routine quality checks on all facilities.

The afternoon is filled with more exciting game zones, such as The Village, with thatched huts and guard towers scattered in the jungle – you must plan your attack strategically so that your team captures each hut one by one and successfully fights off enemy fire. 

game zones at delta force paintball

The final big game is played across a larger playing area to mark a memorable send off to a brilliant day out. The awards ceremony wraps up the festivities before all players depart. If you’re looking to organise a day out to get your blood pumping, then call Delta Force on 0844 477 5115.

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