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We take safety seriously!

Any paintballing regular worth their salt knows that the first and most important rule during a game is to NEVER remove your helmet or goggles, no matter what condition the player or the equipment might be in. Thankfully, major injuries resulting in players doing so are almost unheard of but that’s no reason for paintball providers to go soft on the rules.

As experts in paintball safety, we place upmost importance on ensuring that risks and hazards are eliminated in every aspect of the game. Firstly, all equipment is checked thoroughly before being issued by our technical team of marshals, and will continue to be maintained as and when needed during the day of paintballing. Anyone caught attempting to remove their goggles outside of the base camp will be asked to leave the game – it’s a pretty lame way to get eliminated, so don’t have all of your hard work undone by one mistake!

Dotted around this meme are several links to our website, giving further information on this crucial subject. Be sure to check it out!

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