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Unparalleled Safety and Comfort at Delta Force Paintball

In 2007 at all Delta Force national paintball centres we maintained an unparalleled standard of safety. So how does Delta Force Paintball sustain such an impressive safety record? The answer is simple – at Delta Force we place an uncompromised importance on the safety and comfort of each and every one of our players.

Whether you are eight years old and are playing paintball for your birthday, or 30 years old and are celebrating your Stag party, we will not compromise your personal safety throughout the day of paintball with Delta Force. We want you to leave our paintball centres in the same condition as when you entered – only much happier and a little bit dirtier!

So how does Delta Force guarantee your safety during a full day of paintball action? We start with our state-of-the-art equipment – you receive (among other things) full head protection goggles, moulded and flexible body armour and combat suits with padded collars to ensure you are completely protected from head to toe. These equipment standards are proudly unique to Delta Force, with no other paintball provider throughout the UK offering such a high standard of safety equipment.

In addition to our premium safety equipment, at Delta Force all of our staff are extensively trained in player safety. At the start of the day all players undergo a pre-recorded safety briefing, and the Centre Manager then delivers their personal safety guidelines to ensure all of our valued players understand the paintball rules, regulations and guidelines. Finally, all senior managers are first aid accredited and are available throughout the day, should any issues arise.

At Delta Force we call this our recipe for safety success – we are proud of our unparalleled safety standards and impressive safety record. So when deciding where you want to play paintball anywhere throughout the UK, consider whether you want to play at a paintball centre that doesn’t place such an uncompromising importance on your personal safety.

Delta Force – the UK’s premium provider of paintball games.

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