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Safety at Delta Force paintball.

It seems odd to think that just a few years ago 'standard issue equipment' at all paintball centres consisted of a pair of lab-specs and little else; what's stranger still is that at many paintball centres, other than Delta Force, things haven't advanced much beyond that. 

In these days of greater awareness of health and safety there is in our view little excuse for not providing ALL players with full head protection, body armour and suits with padded collars. 

These items have for years been standard issue at all Delta Force Paintball centres - the only reason other operators can possibly have for not providing such equipment is that it's more expensive for them to buy it.  At Delta Force Paintball we don't put a price on your safety, we have invested heavily in providing all the very best in the way of safety equipment, and if that means we pay 4 times as much for the helmets we use than does 'the site down the road' - well, that's because we think you're worth it.  To be quite clear about this we are talking about 'full head helmets' - incorporating the googles but also encasing the entire head in a hard pvc-shell (articulated and ventilated). 

So many paintball centres speak of providing 'full head protection' - when really this amounts to little more than a cloth balaclava!  So far as we know the only paintball companies to provide proper head protection of a type recommended by the UKPBA (the governing body of the sport www.ukpba.org.uk) are Delta Force Paintball (nationwide) and Bedlam Paintball (in Scotland).  Now we could be wrong about that, but with over 1000 staff members (most of them keen paintballers) on our payroll, we do get out and play at other centres quite a bit and we have a pretty fair grasp of what's going on in the industry. 

Then there's the body armour - and as the recent breast injury at 'UK Paintball' has shown - it's an essential piece of equipment - yet evidently there are still companies operating without it.  Delta Force is the market leader having more paintball centres than any other operator, and perhaps 10 times as many players, but everyone owes the same high duty of care to members of the playing public - so come on everyone, it's time to up your game - invest in proper equipment!

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