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Latest Paintball Reviews

22.07.2015 Ms T M (Staffordshire)

"The manager looked after us very well, as we didn't play. He kept us informed all along when the games would finish, so we could be back to see the children and even gave advice where to go, while we waited."

22.07.2015 Ms K T (Essex)

"It was our first time paintballing and the manager, Rob, was very keen to make sure our party were happy and enjoying themselves. The marshal was excellent and on hand to explain everything and answer questions. The kids were well supervised and had a really good day."

22.07.2015 Mr R B (Manchester)

"We would like to thank all the staff at the Manchester Eccles centre for a fab day. They really were exceptional with the boys and made the day, and in the words of my son, "the best day ever" !"

22.07.2015 Mr T U (Slough)

"Hi, I visited your paintball centre yesterday and I want to say it's the best day I've ever had. I played with just my friends all day and it was the best birthday party my friend could have wished for! I got there a little later than everyone else and I was met by Ryan G and he got me kitted up and sorted out really quickly! I joined my friends and had our safety brief with Chris doing the talking and Ryan (Ginge as he liked to be called) doing the dancing and it was really entertaining and kept me watching, so I didn't miss anything! My friend1s mum organised it and she was really happy with everything. Ginge took us out for our games and made the day for us, he got to know us personally rather than calling us "mate" or "buddy", he called all of us by our names and it was as if he was a friend instead of a marshal, he was always having a laugh and making sure we're safe and enjoying ourselves! Chris, the assistant manager was always making sure my friend1s mum was okay and she said in the car journey back, he couldn't have done enough for her! He was also really funny throughout the day too! Joel was the guy who gave us our goggles and they fitted perfectly, I could see through them and they didn't fog up once! I could actually see my mates when I shot them! And a big thank you to Steve, the manager, he was just the best! He had to put up with our questions at the shop all day and he also made it really fun! Thank you to Delta Force for giving us the best party ever! Chris, Ginge, Joel and Steve are all really awesome! I can't thank you enough guys!"

21.07.2015 Mr J C (Cardiff)

"Ollie was amazing real asset to your team! We will be back a 100% , as it was an amazing day!"

21.07.2015 Ms A J (Warwick)

"My son had a great day and he and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The marshals that day were excellent."

20.07.2015 Mr P H (Trowbridge)

"The guys running the site are great. They are professional, health and safety conscious and very entertaining. They are a credit to the business."

19.07.2015 Ms H W (Manchester)

"The manager, Paul, was great and fun with kids and the marshalls, Mike, Emma and assistant manager couldn't have been more helpful, kind and fun with kids and any of our enquiries or questions as parents. Thanks for a great day out for the kids birthday!"

19.07.2015 Ms J W (Northwich)

"Emma and Mike who marshalled all our 13 games were excellent. They made sure the games were fun and safe and they interacted with the kids very well and even though they have to be strict and vigilant on safety, they didn't lecture the kids in a way that made them sound like teachers! When one group left early they sussed how to re-balance the teams without spoiling the experience for anybody. Very good marshalling which meant as a dad with one son and three of his friends playing, I could focus on enjoyment with them and not have to worry about them as I trusted the marshals, as I could see they were competent."

19.07.2015 Ms S H (Plymouth)

"I was particularly impressed by the level of care from the staff, for people who were not partaking in the paintballing, like the parents. They were regularly asking if everyone was okay and if anybody required anything. One member of staff was very kind and entertaining to my little 6- year old son. All felt very professional and well organised."