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Fighter jets and helicopters land at Delta Force

We like to give players a world-class paintball experience when they visit Delta Force Paintball. At many of our national UK paintball centres we feature an incredible selection of themed-props for added excitement to your day out. Many basecamps showcase ex-military vehicles and planes which make for an impressive backdrop when taking team photos to mark the occasion. We have recently added to our portfolio with the addition of no less than 2 Jaguar fighter jets, 5 x Lynx aircraft and 4 x Sea Lynx aircraft at a selection of world-class paintball centres across the UK.

Paintball Props

The Delta Force Development team has been hard at work deploying our latest fleet to various locations across the UK. Decommissioned Lynx aircraft are currently on their way to the following centres in the UK: the Southampton Paintball Centre, the North Bristol Paintball Centre and the Cardiff Paintball Centre. These ex-marine aircraft come complete with the original rotator blades and are the British Army’s primary battlefield utility helicopter. In addition to these sizeable props, we also have 4 x Sea Lynx aircraft being deployed to Hemel Hempstead, West Glasgow, Edinburgh and Billericay.

Jet Planes

To top it all off, we have also procured 2 x Jaguar fighter jets. These will soon be deployed to different venues and available for players to explore during their event. Jet planes, Lynx helicopters, fighter jets – nothing has been spared in providing players with the ultimate paintball experience when you book with Delta Force Paintball.

Helicopters at Delta Force Paintball

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