How Much Does It Cost?

One of the reasons why paintball is considered one of the UK’s fastest growing sports is because of its affordability. Paintball enthusiasts can enjoy a full day of paintball adventure for as little as £10.00, with prices varying primarily based on how many paintballs you choose to use. Because each player can individually determine how many paintballs they use, paintball is a suitable activity for people with various budgets.

We also offer a range of all-inclusive packages for children’s groups – as parents like to know the total charge in advance. These all-inclusive packages vary depending on how many people you choose to bring and what package you choose to book.

As the UK’s largest provider of paintball games, Delta Force is positively positioned to be able to offer the most affordable paintball events. We are the second largest international buyer of paintballs behind American super store Wal-Mart, and as such we offer the great value prices on game fees and paintballs without compromising our standards of service. As the UK’s leader in paintball games we endeavour to match any comparable competitor price for those who like to shop around, so you can enjoy a full day of paintball at a five-star Delta Force Paintball centre without blowing your budget

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