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Need to know for parents

Need to know for parents
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News from the zone
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Fully insured
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Why Should I Choose DF?

Just like your favourite restaurant, we all enjoy the confidence of operating with a trusted provider. That’s why time and again paintball enthusiasts rate Delta Force as the UK’s premier provider of paintball games. 

With 31 National Paintball Centres and over 10 Local Paintball Centres operating at the forefront of the UK paintball industry, it is apparent why Delta Force plays host to almost 600,000 paintball players each year. Delta Force has over 20 years of experience in the UK paintball industry, and remains the industry innovator in terms of paintball facilities, equipment, safety guidelines and overall game play.

A day with Delta Force is the ultimate paintballing experience. Gone are the days of hay bales and old wooden pallets - Delta Force centres feature various movie set-quality game scenarios including giant stone pyramids, three-storey Zombie Crypts, full scale Black Hawk helicopters, guarded bridges, military vehicles and artillery, village huts and fortified bunkers.

This impressive investment is all part of our goal to further improve the standards of the UK paintball industry and deliver an action-packed day of paintball to enthusiasts throughout the UK. Through our ongoing mission to provide the ultimate paintball experience, we strive to provide a tailored day of outdoor adventure to meet your unique and important needs.