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The ultimate paintball battle - millionaires only!


There may only be a 1 in 14 million chance of winning the Lotto jackpot in the UK, but the crew members at Delta Force are like every other member of the UK population and have made plans for what we would do with the money to up the game out on the paintball field.

Imagine a huge international paintball game held at our centres across the world, including the 28 centres in the UK and at our centres in Australia, Ireland and Canada. The match would be set to play simultaneously across the world, with play starting in the UK at 7am, Australia kicking off at 6pm and Canada at 11pm.

At each centre, there would be only two teams and all the game zones would be open for one huge match for 550 people! There is only one objective - annihilate the other team. Whoever scores the highest points would be deemed the overall winner. At our head quarters we would be able to see the results across the world using a special ‘real-time’ video system in order to crown either the red or blue team - ‘International Paintball Champions of the World!’

paintball international champions 2012

Of course every player would be kitted out in the latest paintball equipment including our renowned M16 replica machine gun and each player would have unlimited paintballs, smoke grenades and paint grenades!

Each team in all countries would be eligible to select two key celebrities to be a part of their paintball ‘Dream Team’. Would you opt for a team of hardened ex-SAS Special Forces troops including Andy Mcnab, Chris Ryan or Bear Grylls? Or would you invite TV personalities such as Cheryl Cole, Ant and Dec or Keith Lemon? You could even enlist your favorite Olympic sports stars like Mo Farah, Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis to dodge paintball bullets travelling at 100mph!

To add realism, the latest RAF Typhoon fighter jets would fly over the centres as would Army Apache attack helicopters in order to provide a bird’s eye view of the battle unfolding underneath. What’s more, the Terminator would be issued with an Army Challenger 2 main battle tank! Only the most courageous would dare to take him on.

The Terminator paintballing

We would also get the cast of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to provide one of their legendary pre-battle speeches to psyche everyone up before the opposing sides charge at each other like they do in the films. And what about the soundtrack? Every great battle scene needs background music, so what song would you have playing whilst you wage paintball war? We would like to think Adele’s James Bond theme Skyfall would be towards the top of the list, as would the theme tune from ‘Apocalypse Now”.

This is just one version of the ultimate paintball battle – how do you see the world’s ultimate paintball games unfolding?

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