Paintballing in Romford

For paintball in Romford we recommend the following centre(s):

More about Romford

Romford is a town of East London, and is situated on the small River Rom. Previously a county of Essex until the establishment of Greater London in 1965, Romford is today known as a suburban town with a rich marketplace history. Until 1993, Romford was the home of Star Brewery, producer of John Bull Bitter. Established in 1708, the brewery has since made way for exciting expansion of Romford.

Romford has recently undergone various redevelopments, such as the expansion of the Liberty Shopping Centre. Better known as Liberty, the shopping centre expansion was completed in an effort to make Romford a more attractive town to residents and visitors, and to compete with neighbouring shopping centres. Since the redevelopment, the Romford economy has flourished and the streets have been a busy scene of action.

Those in search of sporting action and outdoor adventure in Romford will find Romford FC, Romford Raiders ice hockey team and Romford hockey club. For the more adventurous in search of adrenaline pumping activities, there is the internationally acclaimed Romford Skate Park, which has undergone various expansions and redevelopments over recent years. Another primary attraction to the town of Romford is the impressive landscape. Boasting open green fields, untouched woodlands and private walks along the small River Rom, the Romford landscape is a scene of natural beauty.

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