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Paintballing in the Midlands: four awesome paintball centres available!

Paintballing in the Midlands with Delta Force: four awesome centres available!

Paintballing in the Midlands with Delta Force Paintball means the opportunity to explore a fantastic range of centres, all within close proximity to one another: Delta Force Paintball Birmingham, Staffordshire, Nottingham and Coventry! The local centre for paintball fans living in Birmingham is Delta Force Paintball Birmingham; the largest of all the centres in the Midlands. Set in 64 acres of beautiful woodlands it offers a huge selection of film-like game scenarios to enjoy, including Pablo Escobar’s Air Strip where players are issued the task of trying to capture and detain an evil drug lord, and London Bus where players need to escort the US president on his UK tour and fend off enemy fire. Do you have what it takes to put yourself in the firing line in order to protect the president?


PABLO ESCOBAR'S AIR STRIP display at Birmingham paintball centre


Delta Force Paintball Coventry is a brand new paintball centre in the Midlans and offers paintball fans a real treat with its awesome paintball game zones including the new Operation Desert Storm scenario, complete with strategically placed streets lined with branded shops and military trucks, border checkpoints and a US Embassy building! Other state-of-the-art game zones at our world class Coventry paintball centre include Dawn of the Dead, Sheriff’s Castle and Stargate.


Paintball centres in Midlands offer amazing props


For paintball enthusiasts residing in Staffordshire, the best centre to visit is Delta Force Paintball Staffordshire; one of the smaller paintball centres in the Midlands. The centre has a range of exciting battlefields to fight your opponents on such as Afghan Fort, Chemical Alley, Land of the Giants, Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack and Viet Cong Village. Participants can even take advantage of the range of pyrotechnics at Delta Force Paintball Staffordshire including paint grenades, smoke grenades and MK5 Thunderflashes!

If you’re from Nottinghamshire, Delta Force Paintball Nottingham is the ideal paintball centre in the Midlands. The Nottingham paintball centre is located exactly on Junction 24 of the M1 motorway and even has its own private entrance! Perfect for those who may worry about getting lost! With lots of exciting game zones such as Tomb Raider which features a huge stone pyramid surrounded by Easter Island statues, as well as stunning woodlands to explore, it’s a popular choice among paintball fans living in the Midlands.

For more information about paintballing in the Midlands with Delta Force Paintball or to book a day of paintballing with us, call 0844 477 5115*

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