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Paintball tests out Split Screen technology!

Have you ever wished for a special piece of technology that could provide real-time footage of the enemy’s movements whilst out on the paintball battlefield? Well, judging by this video from Rooster Teeth, such advantages are no longer restricted to gaming consoles!

Since the early days of the Nintendo 64’s Goldeneye to the current Modern Warfare and Battlefield series, the split-screen in multiplayer modes for almost all First-Person Shooters (FPS’) has always led to arguments on the sofa between friends who ‘screen watch’! It’s one of the biggest sins in multiplayer gaming, but would this added bonus to a player’s arsenal really improve their chances of gaining the upper hand in a real match?

To test out the technology, two players were geared up in paintball equipment and fitted with a Go-Pro, in which a live feed from their opposite number is played directly into their helmet and goggle system. As the video shows, it takes a while for players to get used to this new gadget, proving to be more of an unwelcoming distraction than being of any real benefit. Yet with a little getting used to, both players began to figure out the other’s movements and hiding places; a neat trick if someone prefers to camp rather than get involved in the action!

Could this becoming a regular paintballing feature for the future? It might ruin the fun-factor a bit – sneaking up to capture the flag would be pointless - but there is no denying that it would add an extra tactical element to the game. Do you think it could ever become reality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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