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Paintball and technology collide in this crazy boot-up battle!

This match-up is purely for those tech geeks out there. Technology giants Toshiba are claiming that their solid state drives are more efficient and boot quicker than your traditional hard disk drives, challenging HDD’s leading position in the computer storage market – now there seems to be only one way to settle the argument! It’s far more exciting than any overclocking competition…

How about “Whoever’s laptop boots up faster gets to shoot the other person with a paintball gun“? Sounds a little more exciting huh? The hilarious video was made by Toshiba and features two test dummies, Matt (HDD) and Jamie (SSD), who regularly conduct comedic field tests for various products.

A tense Mexican standoff ensues, as two laptops powered by the different storage formats begin to boot…before the SSD snaps the operating system into gear! The paintball gun is released to the eager Jaime, who then has a huge 18 seconds to lay siege to his unfortunate opponent, who could only helplessly watch his laptop struggle to load – yet Matt did get the last laugh with a frankly amazing headshot!

Whilst it might not be the friendliest way to decide which piece of computer technology is more superior, paintballing out on the Delta Force game zones can bring friends and family together – and create good-natured rivalries! 

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