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Paintball Midlands

Middle England may not be as exciting as Middle Earth but when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled battlefield action, Delta Force Paintball has it covered. Our Inferno MKII semi-automatic markers are more effective than any bow or sword and you can even upgrade to the ultra-slick M16. Even the biggest troll would quiver at the sight of one these beasts…

Finding your nearest centre is not an issue, as there are four centres in the Midlands area: our Birmingham Paintball Centre, Coventry Paintball Centre, Nottingham Paintball Centre and our Staffordshire Paintball Centre – all easily accessible by motorway; we don't want you spending hours navigating country lanes when you could be laying siege among friends and family! It will be a tough decision choosing which centre, since each has its own personality and variation of game modes and zones, but no matter what Midlands paintball centre you decide to visit, you're in for an adventure!

East Midlands paintballing facilities

Going all out with our epic game zones

Investing heavily into our game zones is something that Delta Force Paintball believes is crucial in providing the ultimate paintball experience and it's also one of the things that separates us from other paintball providers. We want to create and develop 'maps' that are engrossing, realistic and will have players coming back for more.

For example: our Coventry centre recently opened a new £½million 'Operation Desert Storm' zone, complete with multiple two-storey buildings and a convoy of 5 armoured Land Rovers purchased from the MOD in 2012! It really is something out of Call of Duty and many players are calling it the best and most realistic paintball action in the whole country. The scenario is full of drama and tension; an RPG has disabled two of the vehicles in the convoy and the troops have to fight their way out and into the safety of the Embassy.

This is just the newest addition to what is a wide ranging catalogue of awesome Delta Force Paintball game zones. A visit to our Nottingham Paintball Centre will give players the chance to find their inner Lara Croft (even the guys) in our Tomb Raider map, whilst Pablo Escobar's Air Strip at Delta Force Paintball Birmingham is as cool as it sounds; an elite crew of drug busters have to take on one of the world's most notorious drug cartels and capture their leader!

East Midland Paintball aeroplane

Giving players of all ages a chance to play – Midlands Mini-ball!

Mini-ball at our Birmingham and Coventry Delta Force Paintball centres gives children between the ages of 8 and 10 the opportunity to emulate what is clearly enjoyed by both parents and their siblings – action-packed paintball adventure! For those concerned however, have no fear. Players will use our Spyder .50 calibre guns; lightweight and efficient, these guns require far less energy to carry and use but without any loss to accuracy. What's more, they fire smaller and lighter paintballs meaning there is a minimal risk of bruising – that way, players can focus on what paintball is all about, having fun!

low impact paintball midlands

We can cater birthday parties, stag and hen celebrations, private matches and even corporate events! To book your ultimate paintball day out, contact us on 0844 477 5115*today.