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The brief history of paintballing

Most people think that paintball was originally invented in America by Mr Peter Paintball before the idea was sold to the UK for $10 an undisclosed sum. Of course, that is just what THEY want you to think. The real truth behind the origin of paintball is actually a ...

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If cricketers dressed for cricket on the paintball field

The last time the Indian cricket team came to Delta Force Paintball they were celebrating their win of the ICC Champions Trophy. With the cricket World Cup just around the corner I think it would be a great idea for the Indian team to return to Delta Force Paintball to ...

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If Chinese New Year animals could play paintball....

It's almost Chinese New Year 2015 and after our recent Animal's that would be awesome at paintball article I can't help but wonder which Chinese New Year animal would win in a paintball battle against each other. Why don't we find out?

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Pancake day paintballing with Delta Force

Are you planning to play paintball with Delta Force this pancake day? Then you will need this high energy pancake recipe for delicious oatmeal based pancakes. Want to know the recipe? Check it out below.

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Beat boredom this Spring half term with Delta Force Paintball

Beat boredom this Spring half term with Delta Force Paintball Tear the the kids away from their computers this spring half term and introduce them to the real world graphics of a Delta Force Paintball game zone. We can match any video game for imagination thanks to our ...

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Kiss, Kiss, bang, bang: Valentine's day paintballing

Are you looking for a Valentine's day gift with a difference? Why not treat yourself to a day at your nearest Delta Force Paintball centre and exchange cupid's arrow for a paintball gun. A romantic date with Delta Force paintball offers more than any other date can offer. ...

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