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January 13th 1943. After months of heavy bombing from both sides, the once great city of Stalingrad has been reduced to ruins in a bloody, futile war of attrition. Soviet forces have occupied the ruined buildings and abandoned vehicles that litter the city in a guerrilla bid to fight for control of the city against the relentless axis assault. Your mission is to fight your way through the city remains and reclaim control of the battlefield in a final push against the enemy.

It’s February 1945 and the Americans are poised for their attack on the Japanese-controlled island of Iwo Jima. The island is of great tactical importance, as it boasts two airfields and a communications base. The Japanese stronghold on the island is controlled out of five key bunkers – you must take the bunters by force to ultimately cripple the Japanese forces. The air and marine bombings have so far been unsuccessful – you must take to foot to eliminate the enemy.

Far from civilisation, somewhere in the dark depths of the rainforest, lies the guerrilla base. In order to find this remote location and survive, you and your team cannot afford to make a mistake as the enemy knows every nearby trail and every hiding place. Your mission is to locate and rescue a downed Allied airman who hangs by his parachute from a tree somewhere in the jungle. Get to him and get him out of there before they do...

June 6th, 1944 – ‘D-Day’. The course of the war and the liberation of Western Europe rests on the success of Operation Overlord. The airborne invasion of the French coast began just after midnight and now thousands of amphibious landing craft filled with Allied troops are approaching the beaches of Normandy. You must fight your way up the beach, making the most of the minimal cover scattered along the shoreline, and take out the German defences at all costs.

Deep in the heart of the Bavarian forest lies the ancient Castle Wallenberg, an enormous two-story fortress with a dark history. In a last ditch attempt at rallying their forces, evil forces have occupied this hidden and seemingly impenetrable structure slowing the allied advance into Europe. Your mission is to mount an attack against Castle Wallenberg, eliminate the last of the enemy and seize control of the fortress. The eyes of the world are on you.

As you lead your squad down the Ho Chi Minh trail you come across a seemingly abandoned village nestled within the jungle. All is not as it seems – the villagers have fled their homes in fear and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, which means you have no choice but to go straight through. Your mission is to seize control of the village, building by building.

Months of reconnaissance have paid off and the location of an enemy stronghold has been revealed, deep within the treacherous, seemingly deserted hills of Afghanistan. Some good men have died to bring you this information and it’s only a matter of time before the insurgents relocate – there’s no choice but to strike now. Your specialist unit has been ordered to carry out a ‘Halo-Insertion’ – infiltrate the enemy stronghold and take it out with plastic explosives.

A heavily guarded enemy munitions supply convoy lumbers its way through the Ardennes forest towards the front line. After weeks of brutal open warfare, munitions supplies on both sides are dwindling – as is the number of soldiers in your unit. Your mission is to storm the convoy, capture the trucks in an ambush and stop these munitions from reaching the front lines at all costs.