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Obama vs Romney - showdown on the paintball field!

It’s already that time again when the most powerful man in the world (excluding Chuck Norris) is going to be chosen to serve the U.S. A number of us at Delta Force are curious to hear the results whether there is going to be a new President, and what he’ll do when he is elected.

One of the main questions we’ve been asking is not who we’d vote for, but which presidential candidate we would be willing to defend with the most conviction on our latest game zone at the Coventry paintball centre - Operation Desert Storm.

Obama paintball   mitt Romney paintball

I have made a case below for both presidential candidates based on their personalities which may give us a better idea about what they’d do if the opposition was spraying paintballs in their direction.

President Obama:

President Obama has been categorised as an INFJ personality type and this means that he:

- Is very good at taking in information in from other people and turning that into deep insights.
- Will have a strong vision and belief and will work with all of their energy to achieve that vision.
- In private is very introverted, but can easily display an extroverted public persona for the stage.

So if we welcomed Obama at our paintball centre and had to guard him, we’d know that he’d be good at understanding the information we give him and may even be able to strategize how to beat the opposition with his insight and experience.

If we could motivate the President enough through the team spirit of paintball, we’d be bolster President’s belief in securing the embassy and we’d have him firing paintballs at the opposition for the cause like his life depended on it!

President paintball

Mitt Romney

On the other hand, we have Mitt Romney. His characteristics have been categorised as follows:

- capable of memorising massive amounts of information about a subject that he finds interesting
- able to remain completely composed in the face of attacks and tough criticism.
- is a traditional man, and will have traditional strong values of family and hard work.

As long as we could get Mitt Romney excited and interested about paintball (which I don’t think would be hard), we’d be able to give him a thorough briefing before the game and then we think he’d resemble a paintballing Rainman - quoting us strategies and tactics on how to defeat the opposition, becoming an expert in a short space of time!

President paintballing scenario

If the going gets tough we know from Mitt Romney’s presidential debates that he’d be able to keep cool, calm and collected under pressure which could help us massively to guide him to safety. We also know that he’d be willing to pull up his sleeves and get stuck in should we need his paintballing firepower on the front line at one of our paintball centres.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that either Presidential candidate will donate their time to test our predictions, but if you or your friends want to play the role of either man on our awesome new game zone, you can at our Coventry Paintballing centre – give us a call on 0844 477 5050 to book your date now!


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