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Leeds Paintball: Yorkshire hit-rate high at Delta Force Leeds Paintball

 For Leeds paintballing, we recommend the following locations:

  • Delta Force Paintball Leeds - this leading paintball centre in South Yorkshire accommodates keen paintballers aged 8+ years and features seven thrilling paintball missions. The Wakefield Paintball Centre is the perfect venue to host your paintball event, whether it is a mini paintball party or a stag and hen celebration.
  • Delta Force Paintball Sheffield - situated on the eastern fringes of the scenic Peak District National Park, the Sheffield Paintball Centre is equipped with the latest paintball equipment and features themed mission scenarios to ensure your paintball experience is unforgettable!

Located just south of Leeds near Wakefield, the Delta Force Leeds paintballing set in stunning woodland offers paintballers an action-filled fun day out. In fact when the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club visited our Delta Force Leeds centre recently, kitted out in full black 'ninja' suits and body armour, Delta Force marshals report the kind of play resembling a charge of giants. 


Leeds paintball charge


There's a world of difference between playing rugby with a ball and dodging and diving hundreds of high velocity paintball rounds. After nine game zones and some steep competitive play, Keith Senior signed the Delta Force Leeds paintball centre guest book with the comment: "paintballing is tougher than a game!"

Delta Force Paintballing Leeds wins Winter Centre Of Excellence Award 2013

Delta Force marshals across the UK are dedicated to providing the ultimate day out paintballing. Every paintballer playing the Leeds paintball centre's nine game zones is kitted out with a Tippmann '98 paintball gun with 300 fps firepower. 

At all Delta Force centres, players can choose to upgrade to an M16 Bravo One paintball gun for superior firepower and Hollywood-style action. With an 11" barrel and collapsible magazine, think about the photos people ... your Facebook friends will be green with envy!


Leeds paintball centre m16 upgrade gun


Delta Force Paintballing Leeds star game zones

Game play at the Wakefield Paintball Centre begins after being outfitted with all your gear at basecamp. Teams stock up on paintballs and with your paintball hoppers locked and loaded, you march into oblivion or victory, depending on how you configure tactics. In the game zone A Bridge Too Far, rapid fire rains down from a ruthless opposing side determined to claim the bridge before you do.

Enter the Command Post game zone and you can't predict with certainty which part of this urban landscape your opposition will emerge from. Endure paintball gun fire from the enemy when you attempt to storm Castle Wallenberg and if you can make it past the snipers and lob a paintball grenade, you might just get your team home.

Modern warfare paintball games modelled on "Call of Duty" maps include London Bus and Chemical Alley. If you think strategically and work as a group you'll claim victory after victory. Paintball games at Delta Force Yorkshire paintball are marshalled by well trained professionals and ultimate victory can be yours if you combine fast reactions with relentless paintball fire. Stealthily advance through the forest obstacles or just charge through and secure your objective. A day out paintballing in Leeds is thrilling, challenging and the best fun you'll have outdoors!


leeds paintball action with delta force leeds paintball


Sheffield paintballing with Delta Force paintball

Guests are also welcome to visit our other Yorkshire paintball centre in Sheffield. This centre features two fantastic speedball style arenas, one of which takes inspiration from James Bonds Goldeneye movie - featuring several sattelite dishes to take cover behind. You can also enjoy the traditional speedball format on Chemical Alley where adrenaline never runs in short supply.

After your victory against all odds why not celebrate with a photo next to the immense attack chopper taking pride of place in the centre of the base camp – this is fresh from the set of Tom Crusie's time travel movie The Edge of Tomorrow.

Book now, contact the Delta Force booking team today on 0844 477 5115*for a bit of "Ecky Thump" Yorkshire paintballing action!

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