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I'll be back! The Terminator is back at Delta Force Paintball.

The Terminator is best known for those famous three words; “I’ll be back!” And now, true to his chilling words, The Terminator is back in action at the Delta Force paintball centre in Plymouth, Devon.

Paintball enthusiasts first spotted the cyborg assassin stalking the wooded forests of the Plymouth paintball centre back in January, and he has since become a regular attendee at the centre’s paintball games.

Steve, a paintballing regular at the Plymouth paintball centre recalls the first time he spotted the ferocious killing machine.

“I saw this massive dark figure walking stiffly through the woods, almost machine-like. At first I thought it was an opposition player so I shot at it, but it did not even flinch when I hit it! I carefully moved closer to the huge figure and it was then that I saw his face – it was The Terminator!”  

The Terminator makes regular appearances throughout the day at the Delta Force paintball centre in Plymouth, so why not come down and see if you can stop the tireless killing machine - the fate of the world depends on it!

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