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Head down to a Delta Force Paintball centre in London for epic all-day action!

Head down to a Delta Force Paintball centre in London for epic all-day action!


Nothing quite gets the blood pumping and the mind focused like an epic day of paintballing! With 12 Delta Force Paintball centres located conveniently around the outskirts of Greater London and all within comfortable driving distance, the only thing you need to do is find enough friends and family willing to give it their all in our themed paintball scenarios. It is not quite as straight-forward as donning protective equipment, wielding a powerful Inferno MKII or Tippmann semi-automatic paintball gun and charging headfirst into battle. You are not only asking for a quick elimination of the enemy, you are practically demanding it!

Thankfully, this is where the expert on-site staff and marshals at Delta Force Paintball centres in London come into their own; with years of combined experience between them, organising your events, handling safety and offering advice is second nature. If you find your team are wavering in the heat of the battle, listen out for tactics and tips from the guys in yellow – it could make the difference between winning and losing!


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For those leaving the fast-paced action to friends and siblings, our fully equipped base camps couldn't be more accessible and the staff friendlier! Tea and coffee refreshments are available free of charge all day and there is ample space to relax within the base camp - perfect for those who have brought a book to read to pass the time. If it's a little nippy, then a hot water bottle will be provided to fight off the chills!


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Here at Delta Force Paintball, we specialise in delivering the most affordable and exciting paintball packages for all customer requirements. To visit any one of our 12 London paintball centres; call us today on 0844 477 5115*

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