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Game zone in focus: Pablo Escobar's Jungle Airstrip

On a makeshift airstrip hidden deep in the heart of the Colombian jungle the evil drug lord, Pablo Escobar, and his crew are loading their deadly cargo. Months of surveillance have finally paid off and now is your only chance to capture the CIA’s most wanted man and bring him to justice. Your specialist unit is armed to the teeth and are ready for anything but so are Pablo’s honchos… Your mission is to capture Pablo and transport him to El Gordo – the federal prison in San Rafael.


Pablo Escobar’s Jungle Airstrip has long been a staple of the Delta Force experience and a hugely popular game zone. A long stretch of makeshift runway runs through the game zone with a plane in the centre of the field, which is surrounded, by all kinds of usable cover such as crates and barrels. Most Pablo Escobar’s Jungle Airfield game zones in the country now feature a very impressive two-storey air traffic control tower.

Game rules for Pablo Escobar’s Jungle Airstrip vary from centre to centre but a variation of the ‘Assassinate the President’ game rules is commonly played. A volunteer from one team is appointed as the president and it’s up to the rest of the team to protect their president and escort him or her to the plane in the centre of the field. The opposing team has to do everything in their power to prevent the president reaching their destination and the game ends either when the president reaches the plane, the president is assassinated or the ten minutes is up.


One of the many reasons why Pablo Escobar’s Jungle Airstrip is a hugely popular game zone is because it can be played out in a variety of ways and enjoyed by players of different playing styles. A day at a Delta Force centre offers something for everyone which is one of the reasons why playing paintball with Delta Force is such a popular way of celebrating an occasion or just having a great day out with your mates.

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