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Group paintballing

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Corporate Paintball

It is often said that 'families who play together, stay together' - and the same is true of teams in the workplace.  

Having fun together is incredibly important for staff morale, retention and productivity.  Yet it's often difficult to find something that all members of the team can enjoy; for example some people may be able to play golf (and hence enjoy a corporate golf-day), whilst others will not.  The great thing about paintballing is that it's a wonderful 'leveller' - it doesn't need any particular sporting ability, and it's possible for men and women, as well as people of all ages and all levels of fitness to participate on an equal footing.  

Let's face it, with a machinegun in our hands we are all equal!

Paintballing with Delta Force - it's a lot of fun!  This is BMG, Trevor Beattie's award-winning Advertising Agency. 

The cost of a day's paintballing is modest compared with most other activities (adults generally spend about £40-£50 per head, all inclusive, although a package can be tailored to suit most budgets).

If you are thinking about organising a corporate paintballing event you will want to ensure that the event passes-off smoothly, without injury, and that everyone is impressed with your choice of activity and venue.  The last thing you'd want is for it to be an embarrassment and a black-mark against you or your company.  Choose very carefully; not all paintball companies are the same. There is a reason why Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC both entrusted us with their star-players - we're good, we're safe, we're professional and we're fun!  We will impress you, your colleagues, your clients and your boss.

Paintballing with Delta Force - a happy bunch celebrating a successful year at work!

Some questions answered:

Is it politically correct?

  • No, it's not PC and we rejoice in that!
  • It's about as much 'un-PC' as a 'shoot-em-up' computer game, or an action-movie.  It's simply about suspending cynicism and becoming a big-kid for the day.  
  • There is a reason why paintballing, as an activity, has lasted 25 years (and is bigger now than ever) - and that's because it's great fun!  
  • The adrenaline rush you get when the 'enemy' comes charging at you, guns blazing, and lobbing grenades has to be experienced to be believed.  Everyone feels it, it is scary, but then so are all the biggest buzzes in life.  Before the first game begins everyone will be nervous; but in the break before the second game, take a look around - the pale faces will all be gone - everyone will be brimming-over with breathless tales of derring-do, near misses, treachery, heroism and cowardice.  It's a great laugh.

'Doesn't paintballing hurt?'

  • If this question arises it may come from some one who hasn't actually played before, or it might be that they played 10-20 years ago, before the advent of the modern protective equipment - or that they played previously at a poorly equipped venue.
  • At Delta Force we supply state-of-the-art protective equipment to all our players. This includes full body armour (protecting the front and back of the torso), a combat suit with a high padded collar, and most importantly a goggle-system that FULLY encloses the head (it's a bit like a motorcycle helmet, but much lighter, and fully vented).
  • You can bring gloves if you wish, or purchase armoured gloves from the onsite shop.  We do not consider gloves essential, but some people like to cover up the old digits.  
  • Only the arms and legs are left in any way 'exposed'.  Thinking about the legs for minute - they will be wrapped-up beneath a heavy-duty combat suit and whatever trousers you may have on underneath (commonly jeans) - now that's a heap of protection!  The arms will be similarly protected, and for anyone worried about it, the addition of a fleece, or thick sweater, underneath the combat suit, will mean you won't feel a thing.  You may look like the Michelin Man though!  
  • Seriously, the impact of a paintball in these circumstances will hurt less than someone flicking you with their finger.  
  • We allow children to play from the age of 10 - how bad can it be?  C'mon!
  • Four weeks ago, Elle MacPherson (the supermodel) brought her two little boys to play - that should ring some bells with the ladies in the office!

At Delta Force, we know your team will have a blast!

Designed with your business objectives in mind, our corporate events are tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.  The Delta Force team has a proven record in helping companies achieve their business objectives, and our events are a great way to motivate staff and thank valued clients. 

Please call one of our friendly Event Co-ordinators on 0844 477 5050 and we'll be happy to arrange an event for you.

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