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Snowdonia Paintball

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Snowdonia Paintballing With Delta Force Paintball

Journeying to the Snowdonia paintball centre, east of Anglesey and near Rhyl, will greet players with enthralling mission scenarios and objectives, such as securing structures, capturing flags and protecting MVPs in all manner of intense situations. The 69 acres of lush woodland are packed full of high-spec props, including ‘crashed’ Land Rovers, a communications tower, command posts, fortresses and much more, alongside the natural cover and surroundings. Getting used to the paintball equipment is a hitch and the marshals will also be on hand to assist with any repairs or replacements – this is just one element of our all-round five-star service that we promise to customers!

Pwllheli Paintball Centre is the next closest venue to have a great adventure

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